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About Us

Who wouldn't like the smell of the Arabian sands, the ultimate destination for luxurious lifestyles and a second home to a million more humans? Sweeping the essences of Arabian scents, the Arabian Eagle perfumes and oils have been well crafted by the incredible nose, Faisal CP, the notable perfumer behind many best selling products flourishing in the fragrance market in today’s’ times. And as the name goes, the perfumer associates the aroma with an Eagle, the fiercest of scavenger birds, with its magnificent flight and outrageous vision. The high-flying eagles and the woody elaboration of the Arab mainland inspired him to conceptualize the prosperity and valor into a fragrance your personality can imbibe proudly. And with the Arabian Eagle Perfume, you inhale this special home, away from home, with intricate happiness that drops with every spray. This amazing collection is labeled under the V-Perfumes, a leading fragrance market glowing with the beam of love from the wearers, with a wide variety of perfume series, Arabian Bukhoor, Incense products, Natural Oudh, and concentrated perfumes. Once you make this a part of your attire, your uniqueness and elegance is assured to carve out through your hearts to the world outside!

With natural ingredients used in the creation of these artistic fragrances, the Arabs have loved the experimentation of V-Perfumes with its stringent scent and luxurious aura. With a decade long record in the industry, V-perfumes are leading the revolution in bringing freshness and magnificence home! Well, the unmentioned yet very evident liking and bond for Arabs with eagles and falcons need no further evidence. It has been a part of their souls and taking this beautiful resemblance forward, the Arabian Eagle brand is no less than an inevitable part of their hearts today staying true to its name! With the woody textures perfectly blending with the Citrus and floral notes, these are undoubtedly a perfect choice for any occasion, any gender! Assuring the aroma to be retained for long, persistent onto your personality, this incredible package of magic should not skip your attention as you, the best deserves it!

The perfume bottles alone have a different tale to narrate with its rectangular sleek organic shape, minimalist in design and maximalist in approachable influencing capability. With black and golden outlines, the item is a signature in itself, screaming vibes of ornamented luxury and breathing authority. Different options are available for different gender and range through all concentrations from mild to extremely strong. The fragrance, as loved by the Arabs and Foreigners equally, has been inculcated in various forms as in perfumes, home scents, and concentrated oils. Leaving the people around in a complete trance, with no trace of uncertainty, and making you a person or your home worth being noticed, the Arabian Eagle is a winner! One spray to your look or in your intimate space, be it for a meeting or your wedding, and there goes your attire picture perfect!

Our Mission

“For a long time I was looking to create a new beauty brand that is different. Our beauty experts use ingredients that work and that everyone understands. ”